Data Services

Workflow development and construction of data tools to facilitate geological routine tasks.

We offer our clients project-based data analytics services for various needs. We can tailor solutions to your needs to streamline/automate practical work and routines and help create a new perspective and new insights through various visualizations and data analytics. 

Projects make use of common data analytics tools such as Python programming, SQL, Power BI, Looker Studio, Tableau, Access, Excel. Data projects depend entirely on your individual needs, but they can include for example:

Data Cleaning

Going through large datasets and editing incorrect information using Python code or, for example, compiling and transferring historical data to a database.

EDA (Exploratory Data Analysis)

A data analytics project that investigates geological/geochemical correlations and trends in a specific area.

Correlation Review

A project conducted after or during EDA, comparing correlations between two or more different areas. Can be combined with mineralogical services to explore the reasons for variations in correlations.

Reporting Automations

Organizing reportable data and automating the reporting process where applicable.

Workflow and Data Process Efficiency

Solutions related to data flow and information
work processes.

Drilling Dashboard

The Drilling Dashboard is a data tool developed for monitoring diamond drilling operations, which compiles essential information related to sampling drilling into a visual whole. This easily customizable application facilitates the monitoring, planning, forecasting, and reporting of drilling operations, and enables the automation of repetitive tasks associated with monitoring.

The Drilling Dashboard can be programmed to read data from the client’s own databases/files, or the client can choose to have a database included with the Dashboard.

Data - mikronia

Other data services

Mikronia Consulting has expertise in data processing, analysis and visualization using the Python programming language. Assignments related to data can be, for example:

Various visualizations and analysis, e.g.:

  • Dashboards
  • Heatmaps
    Statistical plots
  • 3D plots
  • Geochemical plots
  • Ternary diagrams
  • Etc.

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We offer you workflow development and construction of data tools to facilitate geological routine tasks.

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