Mikronia Consulting

High-quality consulting services for the mining industry

Project and Consulting Services for the Mining Industry

Mikronia Consulting provides geological project and consulting services for the needs of the mining industry. The cornerstones of our operation are high-quality work and smooth, easy collaboration.

We offer various services to the mining industry, including expert leasing and project-based services related to mining, exploration, geological data analytics and microscopy. Our special expertise includes asbestos analytics and fibre mineral studies. We primarily operate in the Scandinavian region, but assignments further afield are not excluded.

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Mikronia Consulting

Mikronia Oy was founded in 2020. Originally, the company’s idea was to produce analytics and consulting services related to asbestos/fibrous minerals and other indoor air particles. Since then, the activity has mainly focused on consulting in the mining sector.


Data services

Workflow development and construction of data tools to facilitate geological routine tasks. Visualization of geological data to support decision-making and to create new perspectives and insights.

Consulting Services

We offer geological expertise for short- or long-term consulting relationships. With our geologist our clients get full support from the whole Mikronia Consulting team whether regarding to microscopy, asbestos or data analysis.

Petrographic services

We offer our clients thin section studies and asbestos analytics.